Do You Know What Type of Roof You Have?

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There is a couple of manner to build a roof. As architectural layout is restrained most effective with the aid of the imagination, Cypress Roofing Company styles are constrained handiest by using the laws of physics and the materials to be had. Indeed, any complete discussion of the numerous patterns in cutting-edge building should in all likelihood fill a dictionary; but this newsletter will speak some of the most commonplace roof designs. In all likelihood, you’ll find the fashion of roof on your house, until it’s miles something sincerely particular.


Perhaps the handiest design, the gable roof is notion to originate from the first roofs that have been simple structures of sticks or logs leaning at angles to shape a triangular hut. A gable capabilities sloping aspects that meet in the centre of a building, in which both sides slope at an same angle. Indeed it will seem as a symmetrical triangle over the body of a constructing. These are the most commonplace kind in North America.

Cross Gabled

A cross gabled roof is barely more complicated than a gable, but handiest because it functions two gable sections that meet at a right attitude. The ridges fashioned by each gable roof need to be perpendicular to each different; and simply as the slopes on a gable are equal, the height, duration, and pitch of each gable in a cross gabled roof have to additionally be equal.

Simple Hip

Simple hip roof as it’s also regarded, is every other common kind. Similar to a gabled roof, the hip roof has two slopes at equal angles that meet in the centre of the building. However, the ends are not flat. Instead, a hip roof functions four sloped facets so that all outdoors partitions are the equal size. Simple hip roofs are high quality to gable roofs as they offer higher protection in high wind or storm regions.

Pyramid Hip

As the call suggests, a pyramid hip roof could be very much like a simple hip with the introduced feature of 4 equal triangular sides that meet at the centre.

Cross Hipped

A cross hipped roof follows the layout features of a go gabled roof, but with the delivered design capabilities of a hipped. A pass hipped roof fits on a constructing with all outdoors partitions on the same top. It’s as in case you took two homes with hipped roofs and attached them perpendicularly. The phase wherein the two roofs meet is referred to as a valley.


The Mansard layout originated in 15th century France and is called after the architect, Francois Mansart, who popularized the roof. Each facet of the Mansard roof features two distinctly extraordinary slopes; the decrease phase of the roof is sort of flat and has just a mild slope, even as the higher section is steeper. This kind of roof was additionally popular for the duration of the Victorian length of architecture and is usually visible all through Europe.


A saltbox is basically an asymmetrical gable roof. The roof features slopes that meet at some point over the roof, but the angle and peak of the slopes want now not be the identical.


A gambrel roof is what you assume to find on a traditional barn. With symmetrical aspects, in addition to distinct slopes on every side of the roof, that is some thing of a cross between a gable and Mansard roof. The backside slope has the steepest pitch, and even be almost vertical, whilst the top slope is extra sluggish. Unlike a Mansard roof, the gambrel capabilities this design on best two aspects of the roof, as you would count on on a gable.

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