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Music Pets is but any other pet game that is available to the Facebook network. This game however is a chunk more exclusive from the other puppy games I have encountered thus far. Developed by using Conduit Labs, this game offers an addition twist to how pet games paintings.


Music Pets is set raising a puppy and additionally having tune of their life. Sounds a chunk out of the ordinary but for those without a doubt like song must like this pet recreation.

The recreation begins you off with the display choice of the Pet you want to have. From there you’ll pick out a name and also a gender for your Pet. Unlike maximum different puppy video games, Music Pets does now not can help you exchange the look of your pet; as a substitute the appearance is fixed by the builders. For my case, I choose a child fox for this assessment. (Yes, I love fox)

Once you have picked which puppy you want, you may then be asked to pick the room which you wish your pet to live in. After all that is finished the sport will offer you with a diffusion display screen. This display will assist you to pick the artist or music albums that you’ll see and pay attention during the บาคาร่าเล่นยังไง games. Music selection is as a substitute limited and now not all songs provided might be appropriate for everybody’s taste.

After that decision making, your pet can be located in his or her new domestic. This is where you’ll be visited by using the Mayor of Pet City and you may be show how the sport works.

The first element you are asked to do is to ask your Pet to “fetch” you an album in the city. From there you will be furnished 3 songs to play in line with-day. Playing songs on Music Pets will allow your puppy to regenerate their satisfied points which in flip may be used for schooling your pets and earn a few rewards.

Your pet may even have an energy bar for you to permit her or him to do other particular undertaking like fetching new songs and upload it into your play list.

In order to preserve a number of your happy points in the game, the Mayor will tell you that you could replenish it via playing a track for your album collection, eat glad culmination/meals and go to your pals puppy and socialize a chunk.

Now we will appearance a piece into the surroundings, it will be as an alternative empty before everything in the sport and even as you can always visit friends and the mayor’s resident, not anything a great deal may be done during the primary stage of the sport.

So let us head to the education, the schooling is extra like a mini-sport on your puppy and to date, I handiest located 1. This is alternatively a drop a ball and hit what you could on the display kind of the mini-sport. The aim to this game is to hit the name of the album or artists that you have selected on the display screen. Once gamers complete the sport, this will add in your series points and additionally reward you with a few money.

Your puppy additionally needs to devour from time to time, so do go to the chef and get the meals needed to maintain your puppy electricity degree. Food isn’t free so you need to spend a piece in your credits to get it.

Finally the sport lets in you to enhance your puppy’s residence. This is what you discover in most puppy games inventory from bed, to table furniture and to posters. You can do this after you advantage enough credit and to make your puppy as comfy as viable.


From the appearance of the photograph, this recreation is nothing to be WOW at as it seems similar to every other puppy games in Facebook. Animation is confined and not anything a whole lot to do then to speak across the room or play along with your pet. You can’t even personalize your pet much, best aspect offer is to change coloration on their furs.


The high-quality in the game, however one degree decrease the Super Dance. Music could be very high-quality to listen to and you may select from various artists for your play listing. Famous Artist like U2 and also Lady GAGA is supplied for player to pick any, but if player want greater collection or the selection of songs is not available, participant could have to buy it from the internet. I wager actual global forex can be worried if player wants their tune to appear in the sport. Please do undergo in mind that most of the songs indexed in the sport are not up to date and if players do need the ultra-modern one, they will need to buy it.


Music Pets is a very well accomplished puppy recreation with first rate song. This sport is for folks who experience elevating their pets and enjoy pleasant track in Facebook. Other than that it’s far just another puppy simulator in Facebook.

I in my opinion give this game four out of 5.

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