Russian Visa Demystified – Part I – Intro To Russian Visa

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So, you’ve got determined to outsource or offshore your enterprise, services, or branch, you’ve picked the nearby Russian companion, and are prepared to start outsourcing. You, probable, need to satisfy your associate face-to-face and need to go to mom Russia. Unless you are one of those fortunate few citizens of these former USSR countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldavia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, or Uzbekistan, you’re required to attain a visa to travel to Russia.

If you’re amateur in Russian journey or it is your tenth some thing ride to Russia, I trust that our new Russian Visa Demystified corner will train you the process of getting Russian visa from start to finish. I genuinely think that every of you will study some thing new approximately Russian visas thru articles. They turns into handy cash-saving readings.

Types of Russian working visa hong kong

If you want to be particular, there are eleven exceptional Russian visa kinds:

* Diplomatic visa,

* Guest/Private Visit visa,

* Tourism visa,

* Work visa,

* Business/Commercial Visit visa,

* Student/Education visa,

* Government Business visa,

* Humanitarian visa,

* Transit visa (legitimate up to seventy two hours),

* Temporary Stay visa,

* Refugee visa.

Each visa kind corresponds to the said motive of your visit. During my professional revel in I’ve noticed that around ninety% of all issued Russian visas fall under TWO essential visa classes:

Tourist Visa:
is your first choose for brief, up to 30 day, one-time visits to Russia even if you move for motives aside from tourism (e.G. Enterprise conferences, meetings, touring loved ones, and so forth.) Unfortunately, you may want a Business Visa, in case you intend to stay past 30 days.

According to Russian bureaucracy TOURIST visa can be received with an reputable invitation/sponsorship/help letter (extra on this inside the next article) from a lodge or a travel company, registered with the Department of Consular Service at Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (abbreviated as MFA).

The same law says it’s miles unlawful for a certified journey organisation or a resort to provide you with an invitation if aren’t going to stay in a hotel. Luckily, this phrase of regulation is broken extra frequently than observed because certainly all journey organizations can get you a visa sponsorship document and later register your Russian visa with out you reserving a unmarried night in a lodge. Same holds authentic for inns, they may sign in your visa no longer just for the nights you live with them, but on your complete ride. Just don’t forget to ask! (extra approximately registration in upcoming articles)

Business Visa
offers you with a whole lot extra flexibility: more than one entries to and out of Russia, validity for as much as a whole year. Business visa is right for common commercial enterprise men and women or the ones, who’re staying in Russia for prolonged time. Officially, commercial enterprise visas are meant for commercial enterprise travelers, who travel to conduct commercial enterprise transactions (e.G. Negotiations, contracts, exhibitions, and many others.). But again, it’s far merely exception than a rule – you do not need to journey on an official organization’s commercial enterprise, it is probably a personal journey. You do no longer need to devise a hotel reservations or your itinerary, either. Please be aware that commercial enterprise visa does not suggest an employment permit. You need to seek Work Visa in case you’re about to get hold of cash on your services.

As different varieties of visas are not so generic, I will no longer cover them.

How & Where to Get Visa to Russia?

Normally, you ought to apply for a visa at a Russian consulate at the u . S . You live. If you are currently visiting out of the country, you can follow at Russian consulate in that united states of america in most instances. You need to post to a Russian consulate numerous files, depending at the kind of visa and processing time you want:

1. A valid Passport: Your passport need to be legitimate for at least 6 months after your stated date of exit from Russia. For example, if you plan to go away from Russia on February 1st, your passport must be valid at the least till August 1st. Also, you ought to ensure you have got as a minimum 2 blank pages for visas for your passport. If any of these is real you want to renew/add pages for your passport – contact your u . S .’s embassy/consulate.

2. One Passport length image: I recommendation to go to a passport photographer for the reason that he’s acquainted with passport fashion photo requirements.

Three. Visa Questionnaire/Application. The questionnaire needs to be signed by way of you. À query-via-question manual may be published in the approaching articles.

Four. Visa Sponsorship/Invitation Letter from Russia: You have to get the sort of invitation letter that corresponds to required sort of visa. For example, vacationer invitation letter for tourism visa, commercial enterprise invitation letter for enterprise visa, personal invitation letter for personal go to visa, and so on. In most instances, the photocopy of visa support will suffice, but you want unique a call for participation if:

* you follow for MULTIPLE access visas,

* you follow in one those countries: Australia, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, and Sweden,

* you’re a citizen of positive international locations with which Russian government has worrying diplomatic members of the family (e.G. China, India Nigeria to name some).

5. Visa Processing Fee: All Russian consulates charge a positive visa processing charge. It varies relying at the form of your visa and the speed of processing. In preferred, the longer visa and the faster you want it, the more you pay. Russian consulate in each united states of america has special prices. For example, the visa processing expenses within the U.S. Variety from the bottom $one hundred to as a good deal as $450.

6. Self-Addressed/Prepaid Envelope: If you apply for a Russian visa through mail, you have to include prepaid envelope. We endorse the usage of a registered or confirmation delivery for the reason that package deal has your passport and visa. If you decide to use in person, you will collect visa your self, no need for return envelope. In a few international locations you could observe in man or woman best.

7. Additional Documents: For positive varieties of Russian visas for citizens of a few nations Russian consulates will demand extra files:

* Mandatory Medical/Travel Insurance is required for the citizens of Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Luxembourg, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden.

* Human Immune Deficit (HIV) AIDS Certificate is required for Multiple entry and longer than three months visas. You can find local HIV trying out middle in U.S. Right here.

* Proof of Permanent Residency (photocopy of Green/Residency Card, if making use of from the U.S.) are required for the citizens of Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Chad, Egypt, Ethiopia, Germany, India, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Nigeria, N. Korea, Pakistan, Palestine, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sri-Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam. Otherwise, the citizens of these international locations need to practice for Russian visa at their domestic countries.

* Proof of sufficient finances for your live in Russia.

* Any Other Document that is deemed necessary via Russian consulate.

As you see, it’s miles possible to arrange your personal Russian visa. In exercise, but, most tourists pick to lease a expert visa tour employer to do the groundwork. For a further $30-$70, companies will prepare, proofread, and submit your paperwork to a consulate in your behalf and mail your passport together with Russian visa again. Some corporations even deal with registering the visa while you arrive in Russia (extra about registration in upcoming articles). Given that each Russian consulate has one of a kind tastes and temperaments in deciphering visa processing necessities, it’s typically worth to have someone who is aware of the ropes of handling bureaucrats.

The handiest hassle with hiring anyone to address your visa is figuring out who to hire. Amid hundreds of sincere corporations there are lots scammers who seem to vanish as soon as you deliver them your non-public data. Yet, that should not prevent you from in search of a professional visa agency, simply use wholesome dose of precautions.

What are Russian Visa Processing Times and Fees?

Visa Processing Times:
By now, you have observed which you can not follow for a visa unless you have got your visa invitation prepared. Therefore, you must allocate enough time to cozy a visa assist letter. It may also variety everywhere from 1 hour for tourist invitation to 18 enterprise days for enterprise helps to 60 days for personal invitations. I will write extra on fees and processing instances of invitation letters in my subsequent article.

Once you have got a a call for participation, you could mail the invitation alongside other office work to Russian consulate or an authorized visa enterprise. According to Russian law, visa need to be issued in now longer than 20 commercial enterprise (excludes weekends and national holidays) days. Fortunately, maximum consulates problem visas from 1 to fourteen days (depends on how a good deal you pay). It is good to remember that if you practice for visa through mail, you should allot as a minimum TWO extra business days:
(1) Shipping in a single day from your home to the consulate and
(2) Shipping office work from the consulate lower back to you.

Please chorus from sending your paperwork to the consulate or visa organisation extra than forty five days before your supposed departure date for BUSINESS TYPE VISAS and 90 or more days for all different TYPES. Consulates do no longer procedure such superior orders – they may go back your bundle and ask to submit it at a later date.

Russian visa processing times and fees range from u . S . To united states of america. Processing costs are the best inside the U.S. Due to the fact U.S. Authorities has the very best costs for Russian residents applying for U.S. Visas. As a end result, Russia authorities imposes the equal fees for U.S. Citizens applying for Russian visas. Such diplomatic politics whilst one usa places the same touring obstacles, expenses, and procedures for residents of countries are referred as reciprocity laws.

Unfortunately, Russia follows such guidelines religiously. Therefore, you could should pay extra or much less on your Russian visa depending on your citizenship and location in which you practice to your Russian visa. For example, if you are an Australian citizen making use of for Russian traveller visa in United Kingdom, you will pay general consulate rate £30 (for 7 day processing) and additional £18 surcharge due to reciprocity laws among Russia and Australian governments.

Russian government mandates all of its consulates and embassies to trouble Russian visas in no greater than 20 business days. Therefore, every consulate has a leeway of how quick to difficulty visas so long as they do now not violate the 20 day restriction. Once again, it varies united states with the aid of country.

If you want to discover greater about Russian visa Processing Fees and Times Requirements please name us at 888-470-8472.

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