The Evolution of Word Wide Web – WWW

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World Wide Web (WWW) is the system of interlinked hypertext documents containing text, pics, audio, videos, animation and more. User can view and navigate via those documents the usage of links or navigation factors which have references to another document or to the segment of the equal file. In a broader feel “The World Wide Web is the universe of community-accessible statistics, an embodiment of human understanding.”

History of World Wide Web

WWW turned into first proposed in 1990 by way of Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau at the same time as running on the CERN, the European Council for Nuclear Research. Both of them came out with their character notion for Hypertext structures and later on they united and offered joint suggestion. The time period “Word Wide Web” turned into first added in that joint inspiration. The records of every invention has lot of pre-records. Similarly the World Wide Best web design has additionally lot of pre-historical slow development of hypertext machine and net protocols which made the WWW possible. The sluggish development started out inside the early 1945, with the development of Memex, a device primarily based on microfilms for storing large quantity of files and facilitating organizing the ones documents. Later in 1968 “Hypertext” was brought, which made linking and corporation of files fairly clean. In 1972 DARPA (Defense Advance Research Project Agency), began undertaking that connect all research centers to facilitate statistics alternate which later adopted for military facts change. In 1979 SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) became invented to permit sharing of files for massive government challenge via setting apart content material from the presentation and thereby allowing equal record to be rendered in distinct ways. In 1989 Tim Berners-lee got here out with Networked Hypertext gadget form CERN Laboratory. In 1990, joint suggestion for hyper text gadget changed into provided and the term “World Wide Web” first brought. In 1992 first transportable browser changed into launched with the aid of CERN, and that had picked up industry hobby in net improvement. Today internet is a lot popularized and has grown to be so invaded in to our lives; it becomes almost impossible to imagine the World without web.

Web Evolution – What and How?

Each technology has positive prominent characteristics and features. Similarly web has positive features such as information, offerings, mess-up, APIs, social platform and more. These features are continuously and step by step evolving in wonderful degrees with qualitative enhancements over the present. Web evolution is labeled and hyped with a few fancy advertising and marketing phrases like “Web 1.0”, “Web 2.0”, “Social Web”, “Web three.Zero”, “Pragmatic Semantic Web”, “Pragmatic Web” and many greater.

Yihong Ding, PHD candidate at Brigham Young University, in his article on “Evolution of Web” explained the improvement of Web by means of analogically evaluating it with the human increase. Yihong Ding stated “The relationship among web pages and their webmasters is similar to the connection between children and their mother and father. As properly as dad and mom enhance their children, site owners hold and update their net pages. Human youngsters have their normal tiers of improvement, together with the newborn stage, pre-faculty degree, elementary-school degree, teenage degree, and so on. Analogically, internet has its generations, which include Web 1.0, Web 2.Zero, and so forth.”

Along with technological development net layout additionally changed over the period of time. Initial design become simple hypertext examine most effective gadget which allowed customers to study the statistics. User turned into just a viewer of what’s supplied on the net. Gradually photographs and tables added with evolution of HTML and net browsers, which allowed making higher design. Development of picture-enhancing equipment, internet authoring gear and content material management tools enabled dressmaker to start developing visually attractive website design layouts. In the following section of improvement, internet layout changed with the change in usability and the focus is diverted on the users rather than the content material of the website. User interaction and social touch is carried out to the internet layout. Now user isn’t always only a viewer. User can power the internet with comments, records sharing, score and personalization. Gradually we got the mature combo of feature, form, content material and interaction, called Read/Write Web. Continuing this evolution, which means is delivered to the facts provided at the web in order that on line virtual representatives of human can capable of study and translates the supplied facts. This form of internet wherein person agent imitating human behavior, can read and recognize the information the use of synthetic intelligence is called semantic internet.

Web 1. Zero (Read Only Web)

World Wide Web is evolved in degrees. First level become the primary “Read Only” hypertext device additionally termed as Web 1.0 since the hype of Web 2.Zero. In reality inside the original proposed net model, Tim Berners-Lee envisioned net as the Read/Write Model with HTTP PUT and HTTP DELETE method. These methods have been almost by no means used just due to security reasons.

Some of the Characteristics of Web 1.Zero

1. In Web 1.Zero web master is constantly engaged with duty of coping with the content material and maintains user updating. Majority of hyperlinks to the contents are manually assigned with the aid of the net master.

2. Web 1.0 does no longer guide mass-publishing. The content material at the internet site is posted by the web grasp and thereby does now not leverage the collective intelligence of users.

3. Web 1.0 makes use of fundamental hyper textual content mark up language for publishing content on the net.

Four. Web 1.0 pages do now not aid system readable content material. Only human who’re net readers can understand the content material.

Five. Web 1.0 gives contact statistics (e mail, phone range, fax or address) for verbal exchange. Users must use the off-line world for in addition communication with this touch information.

6. In Web 1.Zero, net pages are designed to react instinctively based on the programmed condition. Specific end result or reaction is generated whilst the programmed circumstance is happy. Web 1.0 version does no longer understand far flung request and can’t prepare response for capacity request in advance. To truly apprehend above characteristics of internet 1.Zero, Yihong Ding in his article on “Evolution of World Wide Web” has analogically correlated World of Web 1.0 with the arena of a Newborn infant.

Newborn Baby : I actually have parents

Web-1.Zero Page : Webmasters

Newborn Baby : Watch me, however I may not explain

Web-1.0 Page : Humans understand, machines don’t

Newborn Baby : Talk to my dad and mom in case you want to talk about approximately me

Web-1.Zero Page : Contact information (e mail, phone quantity, fax, deal with, …)

Newborn Baby : My parents determine who my buddies are. Actually, I don’t care

Web-1.0 Page : Manually unique internet links

Newborn Baby : Hug me, I smile; hit me, I cry (conditional reflex)

Web-1.0 Page : Reactive functions on internet pages

Source: Analogy from the Article by way of Yihong Ding from “The net 1.0 pages are only infants.

Web 2. 0 (Read Write Web)

“Web 2.Zero is the information that the network is the platform and at the network is platform roles for the enterprise is different. And the cardinal role is consumer provides cost. And figuring out a way to constructed database and matters to get better so that more people use that and it’s the secret of internet 2.Zero.

Web 2.Zero is the enterprise revolution in the pc enterprise caused by the circulate to the net as platform, and an attempt to understand the policies for fulfillment on that new platform.”[4]

In Web 2.0 the concept of Consumer (Users) and Producer (Web Master) is dissolving. Web 2.O is extra approximately communications and person interactions. Web 2.Zero is all approximately participation. “Content is the King” frequently mentioned quote in the course of early net 1.Zero days, is now became in to “User is the King” in Web 2.0. In web 2.0 customers communicates through running a blog, wikis and social networking web sites. Everything on the internet is tagged, to facilitate smooth and short navigation. Web 2.0 is likewise approximately combining it multi functional unmarried page with the aid of tagging and AJAX with higher usability through masses of white area, and a cleaner format. The API capacity makes it possible for programmers to mash up information feeds and databases to pass reference statistics from multiple assets in one page. In evaluation with internet 1.0, web 2.Zero has collective intelligence of thousands and thousands of users.

Web 2.0 is all approximately advanced version of World Wide Web with converting position and evolving enterprise version wherein customers found out to speak with the other customers in preference to simply communicating with the publisher of the content.

Some of the Characteristics of Web 2.Zero

1. Web 2.0 is the second version of Web imparting RIA (Rich Internet Application) by bringing within the computing device experience which includes “Drag and Drop” at the web site in browser.

2. SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) is the important thing piece in Web 2.0. Buzzwords around SOA are Feeds, RSS, net offerings and mash up, which defines how Web 2.Zero utility exposes functionality so that other packages can leverage and combine the ones functionalities supplying tons richer set of packages.

3. Web 2.0 is the Social net. Web 2.0 Application tends to have interaction an awful lot greater with the cease person. End customers aren’t handiest the customers of the utility but additionally the members whether by way of tagging the content material, whether he is contributing to the wiki or doing podcast for running a blog. Due to the Social nature of utility cease person is the c program languageperiod part of the records for the software, proving feedbacks and permitting utility to leverage that person going to apply it.

4. In Web 2.0 philosophy and method is that “The Web is open”. Content is to be had to be moved and modified through any user. Web web page content material is not managed with the aid of the those who made the web site but by way of the user who’re the use of the net website online.

Five. In Web 2.0 Data is the using pressure. Users are spending a good deal more time on line and commenced producing content in their passive time. Web 2.0 requires some of the key technology for use within the development of net pages. One of the important technologies is the AJAX which helps improvement of rich consumer enjoy.

6. Web 2.0 web sites commonly consist of some of the subsequent key technologies.

– RSS (Really Simple Syndication), which allows customers to syndicate, aggregate and to set up the notification of the records the usage of feeds.

– Mashups, which makes it feasible to merge the content material from special assets, allowing new shape of reusing of the statistics thru public interface or APIs.

– Wikis and Forums to aid person generated content.

– Tagging, which allows users to specify and connect human readable key-word to internet useful resource.

– AJAX – Asynchronous Java Script and XML, which is the internet development technique, permitting exchange of interactive data in the back of the scene without reloading the internet page.

To absolutely apprehend above characteristics of internet 2.Zero, Yihong Ding in his article on “Evolution of World Wide Web” has analogically correlated World of Web 2.Zero with the arena of a Pre-School Kid.

Pre-School Kid : I actually have mother and father

Web-2.0 Page : Webmasters (weblog owners)

Pre-School Kid : Parents teach me expertise (even though regularly no longer nicely prepared)

Web-2.Zero Page : Tagging

Pre-School Kid : I apprehend but maybe obscure and incorrect

Web-2.0 Page : Folksonomy

Pre-School Kid : I can supply and distribute messages, specifically for my dad and mom

Web-2.Zero Page : Blogging generation

Pre-School Kid : Who my friends are is in most cases determined by my parents’ social activities and their coaching

Web-2.Zero Page : Social community

Pre-School Kid : Multiple of us can be coordinated to do something beyond person’s abilties

Web-2.0 Page : Web widget, mashup

Pre-School Kid : I can do concept based totally on my verbal exchange with pals

Web-2.Zero Page : Collective intelligence

Following desk distinguish the difference among Web 1.0 and Web 2.0

Web 1.Zero is about : Reading

Web 2.Zero is about : Reading /Writing

Web 1.Zero is ready : Publishing

Web 2.0 is about : Feedbacks, Reviews, Personalization

Web 1.0 is about : Linking Content the usage of Hyperlinks

Web 2.Zero is about : mashup

Web 1.Zero is set : Companies

Web 2.Zero is ready : CommunityCommunity

Web 1.Zero is set : Client-Server

Web 2.Zero is ready : Peer to Peer

Web 1.0 is about : HTML

Web 2.0 is about : XML

Web 1.0 is about : Home Pages

Web 2.Zero is set : Blogs and Wikis

Web 1.Zero is about : Portals

Web 2.Zero is set : RSS

Web 1.0 is about : Taxonomy

Web 2.Zero is about : Tags

Web 1.0 is ready : Owning

Web 2.Zero is about : Sharing

Web 1.0 is about : Web shape

Web 2.0 is set : Web Application

Web 1.0 is about : Hardware Cost

Web 2.0 is ready : Bandwidth Cost

Web 3. 0 (Semantic Web)

Web is not linking and tagging of facts and resources. With the advent of semantic web idea, special statistics is hooked up to the resources or statistics in order that machine can recognize and read much like human.

Timer Berner Lee estimated

“I even have a dream for the Web [in which computers] grow to be capable of studying all of the facts on the Web – the content material, links, and transactions among humans and computers. A ‘Semantic Web’, which should make this feasible, has yet to emerge, but when it does, the daily mechanisms of change, bureaucracy and our each day lives may be handled via machines speakme to machines. The ‘clever sellers’ people have touted for a while will finally materialize.”

Semantic Web has derived from his imaginative and prescient of internet as the customary medium for change of facts, facts and knowledge. Web 3.0 or Semantic Web is an Executable Phase of Web Development where dynamic programs presents interactive offerings and helps gadget to gadget interaction. Tim Berner Lee has further stated

“People preserve asking what Web 3.Zero is. I think maybe whilst you’ve got an overlay of scalable vector graphics – the whole thing rippling and folding and looking misty – on Web 2.Zero and access to a semantic Web integrated throughout a big area of data, you may have get right of entry to to an improbable facts aid.” Semantic net is the an extension of World Wide Web wherein web content material is expressed in device readable language, now not simply in nature language, in order that user dealers can study, method and apprehend the content the use of synthetic intelligence imitating human conduct. In different phrases Semantic Web is an extension of the internet in which content expressed can be processed independently via sensible software dealers.

There can be numerous agents you’ll application in the context of vocabulary of the vertical domain.

For example

“Travel Agent”, who maintain searching chipset air tickets based to your standards and notify you when it gets the right one.

“Personal Shopper Agent”, who continues searching out the precise product on the eBay and get it for you once it unearths the only that in shape with all your criterions.

Similarly we can have “Real Estate Agent”, “Personal Financial Advisor Agent” and lots of greater.

All person is doing is simply growing their private agent which talks with the web offerings that are exposed publicly and there via looking after masses of repetitive obligations.

Precisely Web three.0 = Every human + Every tool + Every Information

Characteristics of Semantic Web

1. Unlike database driven web sites, In Semantic Web database isn’t centralized.

2. Semantic Web is the Open System wherein schema isn’t always fixed as it may take any arbitrary source of information.

3. Semantic Web requires the use of Meta description languages including Web Ontology Language and the Resource Description Framework (RDF). Annotation calls for lot of effort and time.

Web n.0 – a Glimpse of the Future

Let me add one extra detail to the previous formula

Web three.0 = Every human + Every tool + Every Information = Everything within the context of cutting-edge generation advancement.

Web three.Zero continues to be evolving and it’s miles going to encompass the whole thing. One can’t envision whatever past internet three.Zero in the modern-day generation advancement.

Breaking all modern technological talents Raymond Kurzweil, the inventor of OCR (Optical Character Reader) anticipated Web four.Zero because the Web OS with shrewd person marketers performing parallel to human mind. Following discern illustrate the evolution of Web together with era advancement and the semantics of social connections. Source: Nova Spivack and Radar Networks


The evolution of internet has long past thru phases as stated in this article and that has added severa technologies and concepts in diverse areas; software, communication, hardware, advertising, advertising, content sharing, publicity, finance and plenty of more.

In a way the World Wide Web has changed the manner humans had been used to have a look at matters earlier. I accept as true with this evolution is in no way ending and shifting in the direction of excellence.

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