Training For Your First Bodybuilding Competition at Any Age

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Competing in a bodybuilding opposition is an exciting, exhilarating and pleasurable revel in. It takes willpower, dedication and just plain tough work. And, unless you intend on becoming a professional, all you could hope for from all of your attempt is a trophy.

Ah, however what a trophy!

When you stand on stage, maintaining a inflexible “relaxed” pose and listen the announcer name your call as Champion to your Class or Winner of the Overall Competition, it’s strong sweet. You savor the instant and overlook all about what it took to get there.

Deciding to Compete

If you are in reasonably correct form and workout often, at least four-times-in line with-week, you could be organized to enter your first contest inside a yr. I educated 5-days-a-week for 10 months to get equipped for my first contest.

You want that much time to be able to gain the lean mass your frame desires to maintain itself as you input the fats-burning/reducing segment of your weight loss program, approximately 13 weeks before your contest. If you need to compete as a Middle Weight, (165 – 185 lbs.), for instance, you may want to be round 195-2 hundred lbs earlier than you start your cutting section. The motive is easy. When you go into the cutting segment, your frame loses about one pound of muscle for every three pounds of fats. For my first contest, I weighed 154 lbs on January 1st. When I stepped onto the level on March 19th, I weighed a ripped 136. I was the lightest Bantam Weight. In reality, I was too mild. The Bantam Weight limit is 143 lbs. Off season, I will bulk up with lean mass to about a hundred sixty five lbs and try to come in at round 142.Five, near the top of the load class for next 12 months’s competitions.

So, the first element you need to do, after figuring out to enter a contest, is to pick out a contest 10 – three hundred and sixty five days in the destiny and decide in which weight elegance you need to compete. Then, see in which you’re now and in which you need to be on contest day. At that point, you can plan your weight loss plan.

To make certain that is something you actually need to do even though, you ought to attend a bodybuilding opposition on your vicinity. It’s the pleasant location to learn about the game. You can select out who’s simply geared up to compete and who wishes to do greater paintings. Depending on whether or not you visit a drug-tested show or non-tested show, you may additionally see how huge a number of the guys, and even a number of the girls, who use steroids and other unlawful muscle enhancers look. You can decide if that’s the direction you need to move or not.

Competition Diet

Once you make a decision you want to compete, you ought to make a whole change to your life fashion. Bodybuilding is a life-style recreation, similar to ice skating, marathon walking, competitive snowboarding, and so on. Bodybuilding takes a whole lot of time inside the gym and a whole lot of time within the kitchen. Competitive bodybuilders construct their lives round their exercises and their food, which throughout sunlight hours common as soon as every -and-one-1/2-hours. It’s additionally steeply-priced, calling for big quantities of protein each day, at the least one gram for every pound of frame weight. Here is a regular food regimen for a bodybuilder who is trying to put on lean mass several months earlier than a opposition:

Breakfast: Three egg whites (protein) and one whole egg + one cup of oatmeal

Mid-morning: Protein shake (two scoops) in 8-12 ouncesof water

Lunch: 8 ouncesof steak, or hen, or fish + eight ouncesof candy potato + cup of vegetables

Mid-Afternoon: Protein shake ( scoops) in eight-12 oz.Of water

Dinner: 8 ouncesof steak, or fowl, or fish + cups of veggies

Throughout the day, you need to drink among half of and one gallon of spring water.

This food plan is designed to place on about a pound of lean mass a week. Lots of protein, plenty of carbs and little fat.

I’ll speak about how the weight loss plan changes as you get toward your competition later.


I said in advance, bodybuilding is an highly-priced recreation. It’s no longer as steeply-priced as a Bass Boat with all of the add-ons, however it’s near.

In order to help your frame use the gasoline you put in (foods and drinks) and to take advantage of your workout routines to build muscle, you want a very good deliver of supplements. I might not go into logo names or lead you to any dealer, but, here are some of the supplements you ought to recall:

Protein Powder: Check the labels. Some are designed as meal replacements, some for lean muscle tissues gain, others for popular growth, a few for fats loss and a few for heavy-duty muscle constructing. One caution, take a look at the labels for additives.

Glutamine: Increases muscular boom, gives a muscle pump while education, allows preserve lean muscle tissue, reduces muscle soreness, allows increase fats loss.

Creatine: Allows you to educate tougher with extra depth and get better quicker. It aids in increasing your weights and quantity of reps and reduces your relaxation between sets. Great power raise.

Flaxseed/Fish Oil: Fat is important for your every day food plan for the manufacture of hormones, right brain feature and joint lubrication. Eliminate fat completely and your muscular tissues decrease dramatically, and your energy and electricity tiers go with them. Enter Flaxseed and Fish Oil. Usually in pill form. They act as solvents to do away with hardened fats, help muscle increase and fat metabolism.

Multi-nutrients: Everyone’s nutrition wishes are one-of-a-kind. Hard-schooling athletes need greater vitamins and minerals. Getting the right quantity of vitamins and minerals is identical in significance to protein and carbohydrates.

There are plenty of different dietary supplements on the market today. But, if you use those five, together with appropriate exercises and proper weight loss program, you’re going to acquire the growth you choice.


Your competition schooling regimen can have three levels. The first, at the same time as you are adding lean mass for muscle building, you’ll exercise with heavier weights and decrease reps. During the second or slow (thirteen weeks) fat burning/cutting section, you will exercise session with lighter weights and better reps. And, in the course of your final two weeks of education before a show, you may use light weights and handiest “pump up” your muscle tissues at some point of your exercises. During your bulking up degree, you do moderate aerobic. During your reducing for opposition segment, you do max aerobic and over the last two weeks, slight to no aerobic. I’ll speak more about the final weeks later.

During my ten months of schooling for my first competitions, I used the subsequent workout plan:

Monday (forty five Minutes) – Back & Biceps + 20 Minutes of Cardio
Tuesday (45 Minutes) – Legs & Calves + 20 Minutes of Posing
Wednesday (forty five Minutes) – Chest & Triceps + 20 Minutes of Cardio
Thursday (45 Minutes) – Legs & Calves + 20 Minutes of Posing
Friday (forty five Minutes) – Shoulders & Biceps + 20 Minutes of Cardio
Saturday (forty five Minutes) – Posing (Video Session)

Each week I attempted to combine up my exercising recurring so my muscle businesses stayed “amazed” and failed to allow my muscle mass get used to a hard and fast recurring. I combined machines with dumbbells and in no way did the equal factor twice in a row.

I had exquisite outcomes with this training regimen. When I began, I weighed about 158 lbs. With about 14% body fats. Ten months later, after I stepped onto the stage at my first competition, I become 136 lbs. With four.5% body fats. At my 2nd opposition, two weeks later, I was approximately 136 with 4% frame fat. One ripped, aggressive, dude!


Posing is one of the greater crucial elements of bodybuilding and one that during many instances is omitted. A competitor with a well-muscled and reduce body can lose to a competitor with much less muscle who is higher capable to expose the judges what she or he has.

I’m now not going to get into man or woman poses in this newsletter. There are many sources to be had at the internet, in books, magazines and videos that display the numerous poses. Rather, I will communicate approximately the “psychology” of posing and the significance of posing exercise.

While you will listen the pinnacle choose time and again call out, “Relax!” between poses, there may be no such element as being “Relaxed” throughout a competition. From the moment you step onto the degree you are being judged, and each muscle to your frame have to stay flexed. Every pose is built from the legs up. If you’re doing a side chest and your legs are not flexed, your top body will appearance incredible whilst your legs and calves will appearance flat. You will lose factors. In bodybuilding, the judges are looking for your flaws. As a bodybuilder, you’re seeking to conceal those flaws. It’s a cat-and-mouse sport. As a 67 year-vintage competitor, I have a little more skin round my center. I can’t put off it no matter how an awful lot I weight-reduction plan or what number of masses of crunches I do. So, to hide my “extra pores and skin”, I lean returned a little all through my poses to tighten up the place. And, when doing the ultimate pose of the spherical, the Most Muscular, I location my arms together, in the front of my abs, which indicates my top frame cuts whilst “hiding” part of my center.

If you consider it, all of the schooling you do to get equipped for a opposition is laid out at the desk for the duration of the 10 minutes you are on level on your Class. It would be a shame to look all that hard paintings go to waste because you failed to pose properly. Posing exercise need to turn out to be part of your workout agenda at some point of the complete time you’re schooling. I workout forty five mins-a-day, five-days a week. I do aerobic for as a minimum 20 minutes, three or four-days every week. I pose at the least ½ hour a night time, evenings every week, and pose for 45 minutes with a video recorder on Saturday morning. The ultimate week before a competition, I exercise posing each nighttime.

Posing is tough work. If you are not exhausted after being on degree for six – 10 minutes going through your “cozy” spherical and obligatory spherical, you haven’t posed hard sufficient. One useful hint: a few competitors start taking potassium tablets about per week before your competition. By doing that, you may prevent cramping, which if it takes place on level, can be a killer.

Every competitor, as part of the opposition, need to choreograph a 60 or ninety 2nd habitual set to you very own music. While most of the time, the character posing ordinary isn’t always counted for your overall rating, it on occasion is used as a tie-breaker or to region someone 2nd or third, if it’s near. Nevertheless, your posing ordinary ought to be interesting, lively and have to display off your fine body parts to their fullest. Try to pick out tune that is acquainted. Make a CD and feature copies with you at your competition. Never do anything gross or that shows horrific taste. Bodybuilding is a family-oriented spectator recreation. A vulgar performance can get you disqualified from a competition. During the 60 or ninety seconds, you don’t have to expose every pose inside the ebook. Do among eight and 10, with sleek movements among poses. It’s OK to transport about the degree at the same time as you carry out your routine. In some instances, it is accredited to use props. Check with you organizer.

Posing in a opposition is lots of labor and a variety of a laugh. If you have got practiced enough, you’ll pose well and you’ll look assured. You may nevertheless shake a little and you may get a case of dry-mouth, but if you know your poses and are assured, you can address it. The man or woman posing recurring is your threat to have the judges and audiences see you at your first-rate, with none different competition to distract them from you.

One final tip. SMILE whilst you pose. Don’t make faces or display stress. You are in control. Have amusing.


There is an antique bodybuilding announcing, “If you think your tan is darkish sufficient, placed on greater coats.”

Great recommendation. Tanning for a bodybuilding competition is specific than tanning for the prom or earlier than you visit the seaside or to a modeling activity. While posing on stage in the course of a bodybuilding opposition, your cuts and muscularity have to display up properly towards the very shiny degree lights. You look your nice if you are very, very dark. You look washed out and flat if your tan isn’t always darkish enough.

There are masses of approaches to tan. Some are inexpensive and a few are very high-priced. Lets speak first approximately the least high-priced way. The sun. It’s unfastened and clean to apply. But there are drawbacks. First, you cannot usually rely upon the solar being “out” whilst you want it. Second, it takes longer to tan within the sun than it does to tan using other manner. Third, you may burn within the solar and purpose peeling, which, on level might be a disaster. And, subsequently, unless you recognize of a nude seashore or have get admission to to a non-public deck, you’ll increase tan lines that can display up on degree while you put on your posing healthy.

The most dependable tan is finished over time through travelling an awesome suntan salon. By desirable, I suggest one which changes their bulbs regularly and is smooth and nicely organized. I would not go to a suntan salon placed in the rear of a coin-operated laundry (they do exist). If you want to hold a terrific healthy tan for the duration of the yr, you should purchase a tanning package deal of mins or limitless sessions and try to pass twice per week. By doing that, you won’t have as a lot “white” to cover up as you are making your final preparations in your competition. And, so as to keep you pores and skin healthy and clean, you should follow a great tanning bed oil earlier than every session and an amazing moisturizer after tanning. Both of these products are to be had for sale at the salons.

Once you have got a first rate base tan, one in which people ask you inside the center of the winter, “Where have you ever been?”, maintain that shade till it’s time in your contest.

During the very last week, at the same time as your frame is carb robbed and your mind is a lump of mush, you need to reflect onconsideration on making use of sufficient tanning color to be “right-on” for the level.

Again, there are multiple methods to gain this not possible venture at the same time as the relaxation of your global is in a pre-contest daze. One manner to use self-tanning merchandise and the opposite is to be professionally sprayed.

The bodybuilding enterprise has numerous products that guarantee a competition-fine tan, applied in coats, two to 3 days earlier than your show. And, they offer several products to decorate the “appearance,” including opposition bronzers, contest finishers, hair elimination merchandise (we’re going to speak approximately that later), immediate tanners, and many others. All of them paintings, some better than others. One agency is ProTan ( http://www.Protanusa.Com ), another is Dream Tan, featured on many bodybuilding web sites. Since they are oil-based, maximum of the self-utility products by no means virtually dry for your skin and also you land up leaving a path each time you contact or rub up against some thing.

The maximum costly, but most effective way to tan for a competition is to be sprayed professionally two or 3 instances the week of your contest. Most large tan parlors have a spraying room in which you strip all the way down to your posing healthy, pulling it as much as how you will put on it on level and let the attendant apply a beneficiant spray-coat of dark coloration. You will be aware immediately that you are darker than you had been while you walked in together with your base tan. If you are genuinely dark first of all, you may get away with two coats over two days. Three coats over three days will assure you will be dark sufficient. The sprays dry for your skin and last as long as four days before beginning to fade, and they may be washed off inside the shower on Saturday night after your opposition. But, at some stage in the competition, you may now not need to fear about being dark sufficient.

No matter if making a decision to do it yourself or have it done professionally, simply be conscious that your tan will assist determine your standing for your competition. Give it the eye it merits.


During a bodybuilding competition, the target audience and judges are looking at you while you’re standing on level wearing nothing more than a skimpy posing fit. You are attempting to show off your body and grooming is a completely vital a part of your look. If you are not nicely-groomed, it will remove from your typical appearance. In the last section, I protected tanning. Here I will cowl hair. In short, apart from the hair on your head, you have to eliminate it. A male bodybuilder cannot have chest hair, underarm hair or leg hair. Women need to rid themselves of all underarm and leg hair. Unless your hair may be very quality, you will also need to cast off arm hair, toe hair, and hand and finger hair. And, in which there is hair beneath your posing match, it has to now not show, period.

Start you very last week of contest practise by using getting an excellent haircut or styling. You should try this before you begin your final tanning prep, given that you will need to tan any place that become included through hair earlier than it changed into reduce. For a Saturday contest, I advocate you narrow your hair by way of Tuesday.

Removing the rest of your body hair may be tedious. There are several methods to cast off hair. The most expensive and most everlasting is laser hair removal. It can take numerous classes and price hundreds of greenbacks but it very effective if you need your hair removed permanently. More brief and some distance less high-priced is the usage of hair elimination merchandise. Usually found in the ladies’s products section of drug stores, the most popular are Nair and Sally Hansen. A bottle of lotion charges around $four.50 and is typically sufficient to take care of your contest wishes. It takes approximately five mins to use, 4 minutes of waiting and then a bath to remove the lotion and hair. After drying, you need to practice a light coating of moisturizing cream over the area where you removed the hair. Hair elimination merchandise generally preserve the hair away for every week, lots of time on your contest.

If you do not want to use a hair elimination product, another way to put off hair is to shave it off. Use a fresh razor and plenty of soap or cream and pass slowly to save you nicks and cuts. Sometimes, shaving will go away a rash or stubs of hair that could show up beneath the intense lighting fixtures on degree. If I am going to shave, I do it on Wednesday morning earlier than my Saturday contest and on the alternative days, while I’m tanning, I cross over the areas with an electric powered shaver to save you cuts. I additionally use an electric powered shaver the morning of the competition, in no way a razor.

One of the quality approaches to take away hair is to use tape-like strips to the preferred location and then quick rip off the strips, getting rid of the hair with the tape. I have by no means tried this technique and I don’t assume I will. It does work even though and seems to closing longer than lotions or shaving. But, man, it sincerely hurts!

You constantly want to look your high-quality on Saturday morning on the prejudging. If you take care of the little matters early on to your education, you may be confident, look confident and display well.

The Final Two Weeks Of Contest Prep

The plan throughout the final two weeks is to lose any final fats and water and to bring out the cuts and definition for your muscular tissues.

First, you may act a little goofy. Expect it. This is due to a blend of a high protein and low carb weight loss program. The body desires carbs. When you take them away or reduce them back, you tend to lose a little of your idea techniques. Not enough to be dangerous to your self or others. It’s OK to drive, and so forth., but you might grow to be a touch forgetful.

Week one of the weeks is loaded with floor turkey and fish! After a breakfast of three egg whites and 4 ounces of 98% lean floor turkey, the relaxation of your strong meals consist of fish. Fish and salad for lunch, fish and inexperienced veggies for dinner. The different food are protein shakes. On Monday and Thursday, upload a sixth meal, a carb load, including a cup of oatmeal, a banana, a cup of broccoli and ½ of a sweet potato. This meal is designed to fill you out a bit so you do not land up looking flat on stage. You need to seem like Bluto, no longer Popeye. Or if you are a girl, Betty Boop, no longer Olive Oyl. The different a part of this week’s food plan is water. Lots of water. One to 2 gallons a day. It looks like loads, however in case you preserve a jug close by, consuming from it and filling it while it is empty, you could effortlessly take in the water you need. Try consuming filtered water or spring water. Don’t be amazed in case you go to the toilet plenty. You are flushing out your device and removing subcutaneous fluids while consuming this an awful lot liquid. Stay away from an excessive amount of espresso (one cup a day is OK) and stay far from alcohol throughout this schooling length. Don’t snack. You could have cravings. Just awareness for your contest. Wouldn’t you hate guilty a loss on your contest on a slice of chocolate cake?

Your exercises this week have to be slight. Use lighter weights with 8-10 reps consistent with set. Don’t cross heavy. You are vulnerable because of the weight loss program and doing heavy lifting may want to purpose accidents. Be careful within the health club. Go slowly. Watch what you’re doing. Stay targeted. Don’t get irritated or impatient with others. Do no extra than 20 mins of clean cardio in step with day.

Week two is loaded with ground turkey, fish, lean floor red meat and grapefruit. On Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, after a breakfast of three egg whites and four oz of ninety eight% lean floor turkey, like week one, the rest of your stable food encompass fish. Fish and salad for lunch and fish and inexperienced greens for dinner. Again, the alternative food are protein shakes. On Wednesday, put off the salad and veggies and substitute grapefruit. Fish and ½ a grapefruit works properly. Also on Wednesday upload a 6th carb meal. Same time table on Thursday. On Friday, the very last slicing day, all 5 meals consist of 6 – 8 ounces of lean ground red meat and ½ a grapefruit.

Your workouts this week have to include pumping up in the weight room after which practice posing. No heavy lifting. You have to have executed your closing leg exercise no later than ultimate Saturday. Last Friday is even better. Don’t do any cardio after Tuesday.

On Saturday morning, before pre-judging, have a steak and two complete eggs. Eat the toast and hash browns. Have a cup of espresso. Just sip water as wanted. About 45 mins before your contest, have a Snickers bar. It will fill you out a piece and provide you with the improve of power you need for pre-judging. Be sure to spend about 20 mins again stage pumping up the entirety besides legs. Then, have a laugh on degree.

Choosing A Contest And Submitting Your Application

Once making a decision to educate for a competition, before you begin, you should deliver plenty of thought to the kind, length, region, and sanctioning authority of your event. The largest amateur bodybuilding and fitness organization in the international is the National Physique Committee (NPC). They run contests at some stage in the U.S. And overseas and provide opportunities to compete in the Pro ranks (IFBB). The most effective drawback to the NPC is their popularity for tolerating steroid use among their contestants. All of their contests are non-tested activities and you could assume among the competitors to be “juiced” and large as a result, giving them an unfair benefit.

Given the climate of terrible publicity surrounding steroid use these days, many bodybuilders are turning to examined activities, in which competition are screened for illegal muscle improving capsules, such as andros, steroids, prescription diuretics, testosterone boost and boom hormones. These kinds of activities provide the athlete a level gambling field in which to train and compete. There are several country wide and nearby organizations that offer drug-free applications. One of the biggest is the National Gym Association (NGA). Another is International Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness (INBF) and Supernatural Bodybuilding and Fitness (SNBF). The former calls for seven years of drug loose training and competition, the latter requires 5 years. A huge global employer of drug-free competition is the World Natural Sports Organization (WNSO) which incorporates regional competitions that result in the annual FAME World Championships in Toronto, Canada in June. All of the natural federations offer possibilities for natural bodybuilders and health competition to show Pro. All of these businesses have web web sites that listing contest locations and necessities. Most allow you to down load contest records and packages.

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