Worlds Ten Best Mixed Martial Arts Heavyweight Fighters

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There’s no better way to paste your neck out that coming up with a top 10 “whatever” listing. It just receives worse whilst you communicate approximately combat sports activities like boxing, kickboxing or mixed martial arts. However, right here it’s far, my pinnacle 10 list of heavyweight MMA combatants on earth.

I want to tell you that after I decided to jot down down my top 10 listing, I failed to suppose it might take too lengthy. I believed that I could easily select 10 warring parties that had been heads and shoulders above the percent. It wasn’t that easy. I’m positive that there might be a variety of individuals who disagree with my choices, however isn’t always that the factor, to start a discussion of who is the first-class and who is simply there for a paycheck?

The 10th excellent heavyweight MMA fighter inside the international.

This became the toughest position to pick out, genuinely there may be 4 or five guys tied for this position, but I had to choose one and it turned into Mark “The Hammer” Coleman. Mark Coleman was one of MMA’s pioneers, he installed floor and pound as a valid MMA talent. In fact, Mark remains one of the most excessive combatants in the game. Unfortunately his submission competencies (each offensive and protecting) have now not progressed enough to be competitive with the pinnacle opponents inside the world.

The 9th best heavyweight MMA fighter in the international

Rashad Evans is my pick for fighter variety 9. Rashad is still extraordinarily new to the fight game and his natural athletic potential is as exact because it receives. With time Rashad will pass a whole lot towards the head of the p.C., but for now, congratulations Rashad to your success and making it to the listing!

The eighth first-rate heavyweight MMA fighter within the global

Brandon “The Truth” Vera is genuinely one of the maximum exciting heavyweight combatants inside the UFC right now and I changed into tempted to position him in the pinnacle five. However, he wishes to overcome a extra good sized fighter than Frank Mir. While I have the utmost admire for Frank Mir, it is apparent to me that he is no longer the same fighter that he was before his coincidence. I agree with that Brandon might be pinnacle five on subsequent years list. He’s one pleasant win away from that (in my eyes).

The 7th fine heavyweight MMA fighter within the global

Tim Silvia is the UFC’s heavyweight champion. Why is he handiest ranked #7, the best rationalization I even have is that I’ve by no means for my part met every person who likes to watch Tim Silvia fight. He continues on triumphing, however I’m never impressed with his performances. Sorry Tim, that is the way it is, you sit at number seven and if you don’t begin winning fights in a extra crowd desirable manner, I’m afraid you may drop off the pinnacle 10 entirely.

The sixth high-quality heavyweight MMA fighter within the global

It would possibly surprise you that I put former K-1 fighter Mark Hunt in the pinnacle 10. It must wonder you that I positioned him above Tim Silvia, but I have my motives. Last year Mark Hunt beat Mirko Cro Cop (via a completely near selection) and he additionally held robust with Fedor Emelianenko, even on the floor, in the most latest Pride event.

The fifth quality heavyweight MMA fighter in the global

Josh Barnett is my select for the fifth exceptional MMA heavyweight fighter within the world. Josh says his fashion is “pro wrestling”, but do not mistake his performances as faux. Barnett combines trendy toughness and electricity with a good deal stepped forward rise up and a stellar floor recreation. His fights are constantly interesting and regularly bloody. Josh is a former UFC heavyweight champion with victories over the likes of Randy Couture.

The 4th great heavyweight MMA fighter within the international

A year ago I would have put Andrei Arlovski inside the pinnacle three, maybe even pinnacle 2, however his losses to Tim Silvia have me wondering. I don’t query Andrei’s abilities, he’s an excellent arise fighter with a sturdy floor 파워볼사이트 game, I do query whether or not he is afraid of having hit after losing to Tim Silvia’s by knockout. By the manner, that may be a combat he ought to have won, in my opinion Silvia got lucky (however he seems to do this plenty). I’m looking ahead to seeing what 2007 has in keep for Andrei.

The third pleasant heavyweight MMA fighter in the world

Who of their proper thoughts might argue that Mirko Cro Cop belongs inside the pinnacle three heavyweight warring parties within the world? Now that Mirko has joined the UFC it’s clear that Tim Silvia’s days as champion are numbered. Mirko will maintain the UFC heavyweight title in 2007, I’d placed money on that one. Mirko’s power is most truly his putting, which includes the nice high kicks in the commercial enterprise. Victim’s of Cro Cop’s left high kick is a listing of MMA royalty…I surprise if he can get that kick 6 foot 7 (Tim Silvia’s top).

The 2rd excellent heavyweight MMA fighter in the international is none aside from Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Nog for short. Nog has faces the absolute great of MMA and the most effective fighter who has always had his range is Fedor. He has overwhelmed Cro Cop and maximum lately Josh Barnett. He is a skilled master of submissions, has correct arise and as shown in his match against Bob Sapp, he is tough as nails and can take a punch.

The pleasant heavyweight fighter inside the international is Fedor Emelyanenko. There can be no argument, he’s beaten each other fighter in this listing (at least those who’ve confronted him). Congrats Fedor, you are #1!

That’s it, my listing of the pinnacle 10 heavyweight fighters inside the global. Keep watching the fights.

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